How can I prepare?

Shop for props and outfits EARLY, or coordinate with friends to borrow items in time! Do lots of self care in the days leading up to your session, your mental health matters.

For couples, brands, and graduates: I send a big session guide right after you officially book with me to aid in your preparation :)

What does the booking process look like?

1. Fill out my contact form!
2. You'll hear from me within 48 hours! If I'm free for your requested date, or once we nail down a date, I'll send you my contract, and request a 30% retainer from you.
3. Once those two are filled out, you're officially booked! I will then send you any booking guides related to your session (outfits, locations, etc)
4. We'll keep in touch!
5. Shooting day!

Do you travel?

I am based in the East Bay of Northern California, but I will go anywhere if travel is compensated!

An important note: Anything outside 35 miles of Fremont, CA I charge $0.70/mile (unless otherwise stated).

If I am traveling to a destination by car that is 4 or more hours away (one way) I ask that my clients additionally pay for my lodging for one night to rest + be safe, UNLESS otherwise stated! I arrange everything - so no need to worry about that!

If traveling by plane, I ask that my clients pay for airfare and a one night's stay, unless otherwise stated :) Once again, I arrange everything.

If I will be in the area during our scheduled date, no travel fee will be applied :)

When will I receive my photos?

All sessions (aside from elopements and intimate weddings) are typically delivered within four weeks, and sneak peeks being delivered within 1 week.

Elopements are delivered within 4-6 weeks, and elopement sneak peeks are delivered within 72 hours!

Intimate wedding are delivered within 8-10 weeks and sneak peek delivered in 72 hours!

Can I get my retainer back?

The 30% retainer is non-refundable! Unless something happens on my end where I am unable to make the session, you will not receive your retainer back. Your retainer secures your date, so I can prepare for your day. If you would like to reschedule, we can move the 30% retainer to another date depending on the situation.

If you choose to cancel, the 30% retainer stays with me.

Can you help us with planning?

YES! Also, after booking, I will send you a guide to assist with your session! (Graduates, Branding, and Couples only at the moment)

How many images are included?

Typically, 50-75 photos per hour of coverage. This all depends on the collection. Check out my Investment Page for more info. After your session, I'll remove any photos you wouldn't want or need (people blinking, non-artsy blurriness, etc) then edit & deliver the rest! Don't worry, I won't withhold any images I think you'll want. I tend to over-deliver, so you'll receive lots of photos!

Do you give us the raw photos?

NOPE! I don't deliver any un-edited/raw files! Most of the magic happens during the editing process, so without that step your photos are only halfway done!

Do you retouch/photoshop photos?

I am going to be 100% real with you. I will RARELY touch photoshop, and avoid it like the plague! I aim to keep your photos as true to life as possible, and will never go beyond light touch ups. If your hair is blowing in the wind, there is a double chin while laughing...I keep those genuine. No alterations. Authenticity all the way! I do not do face swaps, alteration of bodies, or re-touch skin heavily. My style of photography and editing do not align with these values.

In the event you request for photoshopping, I can outsource to a photoshop specialist. Keep in mind, that these additional fees will be charged to you.

Can I negotiate price points/length of session?

Nope! I have spent lots of time calculating fair prices for my business as well as for my clients during this time. Therefore, I will not alter my prices. What you see, is what you pay! My prices rise as my experience grows. As for the timing of a session, I can assure you I have the length of a session set for good reason.

Do you provide B&W photos?

B&W photos have my HEART. I always include them in my galleries. I have two distinct B&W styles that I use for photos. Two important things to know before booking me:
1. I select which photos will be B&W in a gallery, not the client.
2. I do not provide a B&W edit for every single photo taken.

Can I request certain edits for our gallery?

The simple answer is no. When you choose a photographer, you are choosing them based on their style of editing! Please look over my website, blog, Instagram, and Pinterest to ensure my color palette and shooting style works with your taste! For instance, I will not do "light and airy edits" because that is not my style as a photographer! However, I would be happy to recommend other photographers to you based on your desires.

Can I re-edit the photos you give me?

DON'T RE-EDIT THE PHOTOS I GIVE YOU. PLEASE. Photos are a form of art. People tend to recognize my work based on my style of editing! When you add filters, presets, or alter my edited images in any way - it discredits my work. It is disheartening! You are also disrespecting those who would have loved to snag your date for photos!

Do you print photos for us?

I do not! However, I can recommend some great places to purchase prints.

Do you expect tips?

Please know, I NEVER expect tips, but they are ALWAYS appreciated! Most of my clients in the past have tipped with editing (work) snacks, or extra dollars toward their final payment! So sweet and thoughtful! If you do not have the means to tip, simply spreading the word and tagging me in photos makes me SO happy!

Should I tag you on Instagram?

I always love and cherish being tagged in your photos. Word of mouth and social media are how I mainly grow my business. However, it is not required to tag me on your personal accounts.

Important: If an account other than your own personal accounts reposts/re-shares my work, they must tag me! Such as a venue, winery, store, clothing brand, etc.