a whirlwind coastal romance

Shannon + Elliot

Shannon and Elliot are an ode to the definition of timeless love.


Such a vast term, and viewed differently across the industry - it carries meaning in a multitude of ways depending on the individual. Through my eyes, their connection was simply a feel of love I have seen across generations. To me, that is timeless. A familiar love that can span over centuries.

My intention was to approach their session in a newfound way. I wanted to release all the norms I have carried with me thus far in my photography journey and photograph these two as authentically as possible. Within their session timeframe, I said farewell to perfect horizon lines, rule of thirds, fast shutter speed, and limbs cropped perfectly within frame. I said farewell to posing, and gave into gentle guidance. I allowed them to just be present in each other's company. I let them soak in this time together without any agenda. I was simply there to capture their love, as is, without reservation.

...and the results...were phenomenal.

What a beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay Area along the coast. Shannon had three outfits for their photoshoot - a delicate yellow sundress, a black and white checkered sundress, and lastly...her iconic vintage-inspired swimsuit designed by Madewell linked here